If like me you love to play lotteries and competitions you will probably have asked yourself the same question as me. Is it better to pick my numbers based on my family birth dates or is it better to just go for the numbers that the computer randomly generates?

This is a question that many people often ask but as the lottery numbers are not drawn by any form of higher power it is safe to say that either system has the same possibility of winning. As the lottery draw is just pure chance there is no more chance of one system winning than the other.

But that does not stop people believing that having your numbers randomly picked by a computer means that there is less chance of anybody else having the same numbers. This means that any prizes you do win will not have to be shared.

This is mainly because people believe that when your numbers are picked by using dates of birth then there is a higher possibility that many more people will have the same numbers as you. If you look at it logically then there are a lot of people in the country whose birthdays fall on the same day. Matka This means that many people will then use the same numbers.

If this does happen and those numbers are then drawn out then it is obvious that all these people will share the winnings giving you a smaller prize fund.

Some state lotteries even advocate using random numbers for your lottery numbers. This is evident when you look at the back of the brochure advertising the lottery of New York State. The paragraph gives you a warning about using these generated numbers.

Each of these systems have as much chance as the other at winning as there is no program that chooses which numbers are to be drawn out. The whole process is just pure chance so whichever system you prefer you can rest assured that the other system does not have the edge.

With that in mind many people think that having your numbers picked out by computer gives you a better chance of not having to share your winnings if you do actually win anything.

The reason behind this logic is that many people will use the birthday number system. This means that as lots of people have the same birthdays the chances are that they will also pick the same lottery numbers.

This in turn leads to more people sharing the same prize if those same numbers are drawn out for the lottery.

If you were to play the New York State lottery you would see a nice little paragraph on the back of their brochure. This paragraph even states that you are more likely to win a bigger prize with the randomly generated system of picking lottery numbers.